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August 2021


Why we chose Python (too) – Python series pt. 1

Kristof LauwagieKristof Lauwagie

If you’re involved in IT or innovation, you cannot ignore the fact that Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the world

But why is that? And why did we choose Python as one of our programming languages? To answer those questions, some of our experts on the matter will guide you through our story in the following blog posts in this series: 

Image of Python development in a console view on a screen.

The right solution at the right time

ACA IT-Solutions’ tradition and heart rests in customer-centricity and innovation. That’s why we don’t limit ourselves to just one programming language or one specific technology or solution. We research the market, experiment with new technologies and always search for the best possible solution for our current and future customers. This is the exact reason why we chose Python as one of our programming languages.

But before we focus on the “why Python?”, let’s start with the how. How did it all start for Python?

Fastest-growing programming language in the world 

Python actually started out as a hobby project from Guido Van Rossum.

Over a long holiday break in December 1989, Guido started developing an ABC-like language that could talk to the OS and would be suitable for quickly developing OS utilities for Amoeba. He named his nascent project Python, taking inspiration from the Monty Python’s Flying Circus television program.

Computer – Guido van Rossum: The Early Years of Python
Image of Python creator Guido van Rossum - sourced from Wikipedia

Flash forward to 2021: Guido’s hobby project has witnessed an incredible growth and has turned into a worldfamous programming language. And you don’t need to trust my word on it, numerous research shows: Python truly is the fastest-growing programming language in the world with more than six million developers. Just go and have a look at one of these popular and well-known data links: RedMonk rating, Github, Stack Overflow, PYPYL-index, Slashdata and TIOBE index.

Why is Python so popular?

Here we go: the clue you probably all have been waiting for. “Why is Python so popular and why did ACA choose Python as one of its programming languages?”

Image showing how much more simple Python is when programming. Whereas C++ and Java need over 5 lines of code to display "Hello World", Python only needs one.
Join the Real Python Community Slack – Real Python

These are the most important and well-known reasons behind Python’s success. But what about the possible disadvantages, the usability and its relation to innovation?

Want to know more about Python?

If you know a little bit about Python, you know we only scratched the surface today. No worries! Our next two blog posts will be launched soon and reveal:

Stay tuned!

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