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January 2021


To feel at home at the office

Dorien JorissenDorien Jorissen

Hi, my name is Yentl and I’m part of the awesome HR-team at ACA IT-Solutions!

I could feel it from the first day I walked into the office at ACA a few months ago: this is the job I want to do, in an environment where I can be myself and, yeah, where I feel at home.To feel at home at the office. It seems like Utopia, but at ACA IT-Solutions it becomes a reality.

How do we do it? Well…

The open office environment

Every office of ACA IT-Solutions is a giant open space with different benches, which makes everyone at work accessible. For every question, as small as it may seem, you have some one willing to listen nearby.
Of course there are enough possibilities to work in a focused manner (hallelujah for headphones!) or to hold a private meeting in one of the meeting rooms. But you still remain part of the team because of the glass walls and the passage of your dear colleagues.

Open to initiatives

Office - teamIf you have a proposal to improve ACA IT-Solutions or a fun idea for the next meeting, we are always open to new ideas! Whether it’s a summary of your tasks in your team, a(n) (un)prepared participation to the “Dodentocht” or a new innovative way to perform a presentation, you can let your imagination run wild!

Did you discover something new and would you like to introduce it to your team? Organize a cool “brown bag”: every interested team member can listen to your innovative idea while enjoying their lunch.

13891798_1069574909764098_4398610402093870277_nScreen Shot 2016-08-24 at 09.21.55

Work hard, play hard

Naturally we expect you to work hard at ACA IT-Solutions, but a well-deserved dose of relaxation is also included!

Gather a few colleagues and play a fun match of table football or ping pong! Is it sunny and warm today? There’s a chance the ice cream truck will appear at the parking lot. Are you tired of your daily sandwich at work? You might be surprised with a yummy pad thai or pizza!

Besides all this, we enjoy a fully planned, strenuous, relaxing, all-inclusive ACA-weekend each year. I got to enjoy this weekend for the first time this year and it can only be described in one word: amazing! Fun activities are followed by good food, refreshing beers and wines, cozy chats and much much more!

Flexibility at work

And this in the broadest sense of the word! A lot of flexibility is expected from us ACA’ers at work, but you also get a lot in return.

And there are a lot of other examples to discover 🙂


Where everybody knows your name

At the beginning of my first day at ACA, I was a bit nervous of course about my new environment, colleagues and expectations. But I got the impression that the entire team knew me a bit already.
The reason for this is that everyone who signs a contract with ACA IT-Solutions is introduced to the company in a blogpost with a picture and a personal note of yourself!

No dress code

At ACA we don’t have a dress code, but we do have common sense.

ACA IT-Solutions work officeWhen I have an interview or an important meeting, I watch what kind of clothes I wear. But the days that this isn’t the case, nothing stops me from putting on my ripped jeans and favourite sneakers. I can even stretch my legs in one of our awesome bean bags or sofas!

I hope you will have gotten a good first impression of ACA IT-Solutions through this blogpost! Hopefully, you already feel at home just by reading this!


There’s even more to mention, but you’ll have to discover all these nice benefits by becoming part of the ACA family! 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 09.50.42

Interested in joining our team? Have a look at


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4 years ago

So nice to read how fast you felt home, but that works both ways: it’s like you’ve been part of our family for years, although it’s just 6 months. ? I am so glad to have you in my team! ??

Pascal Meulemans
Pascal Meulemans
4 years ago

An amazing company. I know it already by having worked with some of your colleagues, and this blog tells me why they’re so good. Looking forward to work with you again at clients where I lead projects.