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June 2021


Thumbs up for you and Kudos for everyone

Dorien JorissenDorien Jorissen

Feeling appreciated is a wonderful feeling and can give any team member an enormous boost of energy and motivation.

Here at ACA, any employee can easily give their workmates a “pat on the back” for a job well done. We actually created an entire platform which supports and facilitates this amongst all our team members and takes away the threshold of actually stepping up to someone and telling him or her.

The ACA Kudos platform

Our ACA Kudos platform is based on a few simple guidelines:

So if I would make a deal with a colleague of mine, e.g. “If you give me a Kudos, I’ll give one to you. Then we’ll have a party with the two bottles of Champagne”, this would be perfectly possible. Management has decided to not judge the reasons why someone is nominated. The actual beauty of it is that the Kudos platform was created almost two years ago and that scenarios as the one above, haven’t occured yet. So how come nobody takes advantage?

According to me this is because it’s a natural extension of our company culture and our methodology:

Kudos everywhere ?

So, will this Kudos initiative work in all companies?
Maybe not … but I think it’s something every HR department should consider.

Kudos, only for colleagues… ?

The Kudos platform was created in 2012 and is so successful that not only colleagues, but even clients and our cleaning lady have received Kudos.

All of this because of the 4 simple rules of our Kudos platform… and because rules are made to be broken, I hereby nominate the Management of ACA for this wonderful initiative !