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August 2019
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The best company I worked for…

Pieter VDPieter VD

In my almost 20 years (getting old!) of professional life I have worked at and for quite some companies. I’ve come to realise there is no such thing as an ideal company. There is never a 100% fit; except maybe a company you created yourself.

The happiness-factor


For me, the happiness-factor is composed of 4 dimensions: company culture (including vision and strategy), work-life balance, the job itself and the remuneration. It is possible that for a short time, one of those dimensions is not so good. But in the long run, if you want to work more then a couple of years in a company, you need all 4 to be good. To make it even more complicated, you as a person, the company and the society as a whole change continuously, so the happiness-factor is always a snapshot, a photo of the moment.

Strive for the best, don’t settle for the middle!

What is the conclusion after all those years? A few of the companies I worked for were good, some bad, but the overwhelming majority was just somewhere in the middle.

“The problem is: I don’t like the middle.”

I want a company that not only strives for the best, but also matches my own values and vision. It took some time to find it, and because of previous experiences, it also took some time to convince me.

In the next 7 – it’s just a cool number – articles, I try to describe what makes ACA IT Solutions the best company for me, at this moment in my life:


  1. Culture and values
  2. Well thought, ambitious and long-term vision
  3. Real Agile way of working
  4. One specific Agile-topic: Modularity
  5. Flat organisation
  6. Room for personal development
  7. There is still some work and we don’t hide it

This is not some marketing stunt, I don’t want to convince anyone, I just want to tell a story to the world.

Next articles following soon!

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