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July 2020
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The ACA weekend 2016

Dorien JorissenDorien Jorissen

On Friday, June 3th 2016, the ACA employees started arriving early at the Hasselt headquarters for our yearly ACA team weekend. All were ready for a weekend full of fun and awesome teambuilding activities. After having received several clues about the location in the previous weeks (all of which were extremely difficult to decipher), we discovered that this year’s destination would be Luxembourg City.


E-bikes & wine

So on an early Friday morning, about 90 ACA team members stepped onto 2 buses towards Luxembourg, Belgium’s smallest neighboring country.

weekend-luxemburgSeveral hours later we made our first stop at the wine museum of Ehnen for a guided tour around the museum with its ancient winemaking equipment. Afterwards we were offered a wine tasting which no one in our team declined. No need to say it, but the last part was better received than the first part!

After a welcome lunch of luxury burgers and fries, the party committee had a long trip with e-bikes planned for us in the afternoon. This activity proved to be more difficult than most of us expected! Heavy e-bikes, Luxemburg e-bikesflooded rivers, steep hills and detours are not a good combination, certainly not when a huge rain storm decides to drown you! Luckily we were able to make some nice pit stops at the wine cellars of Caves A Vin Saint-Martin and in a field for drinks and snacks. Wet and tired we arrived at the hotel where we were able to freshen up for a delicious dinner. And in the late evening, some of us still had enough energy to explore Luxembourg’s nightlife, only returning to the hotel in the early hours of the next morning…

Murder investigation & walking on fire

The following day started with an early morning run for about 15 ACA team members and an elaborate breakfast for the hungry ones. The whole Saturday we spent discovering Luxembourg City, while investigating a murder case. Our employees were divided into groups who had to look for the right culprit by checking the alibis of 2 suspects and gaining evidence. Although collecting evidence wasn’t that easy… You had to win games from other teams, such as solving riddles, looking for a victim in the Casemates, searching clues chained together…


In the evening, several teambuilding activities were planned. First of all, we were brought to a restaurant at a recreational lake, where we could eat from an amazing cold buffet. Afterwards, half of our team participated in some workshops to prepare themselves for walking on fire. Screaming/breathing exercises, bending iron bars with our throats and doing trust exercises with our colleagues had to convince us that we would be invincible and able to walk on burning coals. Contrary to common belief, we succeeded in walking on fire (only some of us were burned alive)! The other half of the team would rather enjoy a good glass of wine, making the wine bill rise to unseen heights. Getting hungry again, we were treated to a late BBQ buffet and some drinks or boardgames for the people who didn’t feel like going to bed yet.


Music & sheep

Our last day in Luxembourg started with new teambuilding workshops, although entirely different ones from the night before. The first one was called eco-percussion and allowed us to make music with just our body and garbage items (clapping, stamping, shaking and smacking cans all the way). Some of us, however, were more enthusiastic about participating in this activity than others… .

The second workshop gave us some insight into herding sheep: not only did we have to lead sheep into a pen on our own, we also got a demonstration from some European Champion herding dogs. Amazing how good these dogs listen to commands and whistling signals! Our final task was to herd the sheep while being blindfolded and listening to our shepherd, not an easy task but we managed to get the animals in their truck. After a late picknick lunch the whole ACA team returned home, happy but tired and with a lot of interesting stories. There’s only one word to describe the ACA teambuilding weekend accurately: awesome!