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How about Weblogic 12c patching

It took some time, but december 2011 Oracle released Weblogic 12c and finally Weblogic became fully JEE6 certified. became the version number of this release. How about subsequent releases of Weblogic 12c after then? Here’s the answer. On 15/mar/2012 the Oracle download site provided us other installation binaries. Since [...]

Tim VissersTim Vissers

Timing JSF requests

Sometimes you need to be able to determine where exactly time is being spent in your JSF web application. Luckily there is something in the JSF specification that can help us with this task: PhaseListener. A JSF PhaseListener is a mechanism that’s similar to a Java web application filter. It’s a simple interface that a [...]

Jan EerdekensJan Eerdekens

Running Oracle XE on OSX

If you want to run Oracle XE on OSX you’ll quickly run into the problem that Oracle only provides a Windows & Linux, but not an OSX specific version. This means we’ll need to run Oracle XE in some sort of virtualized environment and for this we’ll use the freely available Oracle VirtualBox (version 4.8.2 [...]

Jan EerdekensJan Eerdekens