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The low-code development (r)evolution

Many companies find themselves in a challenging situation. Ever-growing customer expectations and market pace force companies to move faster and respond to changes quicker. However, many companies’ ability to get things done quickly in order to support the ongoing digital transformation is slowed down by the complexity of the technology [...]

Stijn SchutyserStijn Schutyser

How to secure your cloud with AWS Config

AWS Config is a service that enables you to assess, audit, and evaluate the configurations of your AWS resources. This can be used for: security: validate security best practices on your AWS Account compliance: report on deviations on configuration for AWS resources based upon best practices or architectural principles and guidelines [...]

Wouter VrolixWouter Vrolix

How we handed over the My Viking project to the Mobile Vikings team: 5 essential tips to successfully transfer a codebase

As you might have read in one of our previous posts, we recently helped the Belgian virtual network operator Mobile Vikings launch its totally renewed My Viking app to over 270.000 users. Months after this first big launch, we’re thrilled to see the app still serving thousands of Vikings very well. When we first started this consultancy [...]

Yakup KalinYakup Kalin