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March 2021


How our offices help keep employee motivation high

Stijn SchutyserStijn Schutyser

You can’t just make your employees motivated. As an employer, though, you do control large components of the environment in which employees work each day. In this blog post, we zoom in on how creating a stimulating office space helps with keeping employees motivated.

The importance of employee motivation

There are several reasons why it’s important to motivate your employees. For one, motivated employees are more likely to help meet the company’s goals. Secondly, a higher degree of motivation in employees leads to more productivity, creativity and output. And it’s not just about the numbers, either. Motivated employees are also more committed and find more satisfaction in executing their role. Plus, isn’t it just so much nicer to work with people that spread a positive vibe and help you feel good at your workplace?

And with the majority of working people being in need for some motivation – just one in eight employees are fully involved in and enthusiastic about their jobs – it’s pretty obvious the world could do with some more positive vibes. Let’s look at some ways to increase employee motivation.

How to increase employee motivation

1. Value individual contributions

People should always be aware of just how much their individual efforts and contribution play an important part in reaching the company’s overall goals and direction. They take pride and are engaged in their work if they are aware how their efforts impact the organization, regardless of how big or small their contributions are. This doesn’t mean you have to shower your employees with gifts every single time they did a good job. But at times, a simple “Thank You” or “Great job” suffices. These meaningful words acknowledge effort, build loyalty and encourage people to keep up the hard work.

At ACA, we take it one step further. All of our colleagues use Bonusly to reward others with points, which those people can then freely spend on cool rewards: lunch with (and paid by) our CEO, a weekend to drive one of our Teslas, gift cards, … These little extras help keep motivation high!

2. Create a stimulating environment

According to the balance careers, the second-most important factor for employee motivation is a work environment and organizational culture that foster employee motivation and engagement. A nice office space can foster the feeling of being ‘home’ at work and create a relaxed atmosphere. In turn, this stimulates creativity and reduces stress. In the next part, we’ll tell you how we at ACA took that mindset to heart. 🙂

How our offices help keep employee motivation high

So how did we make our offices feel stimulating, fresh and modern to our colleagues? For one, we’ve created a large open space with lots of natural lighting so the office feels airy and open at all times. We’ve opted for this big open space as the center of our office because it promotes a few ACA key values such as openness, transparency, and clear communication. The open space also features a few benches for 2-4 people and some soundproof cabins for a bit more privacy. The rest of the space is divided into a lunch room, a focus room, a recreation room and 4 meeting rooms.

Focus, fun and ergonomics

The focus room is a space used for –you guessed it– focusing. It’s designed to accommodate people that want to eliminate as many distractions as possible and focus on some specific tasks. The recreation room is pretty much the exact opposite of the focus room and features a foosball table, a TV and a game console with various games. Here, people can go to if they need a break and want to take their mind off of things for a few moments. A proven method for boosting productivity and finding solutions faster afterwards!

Ergonomics, too, play a big part throughout the entire office. All of the desks are adjustable in height and extra screens are mounted on support arms that can be moved to pretty much any position. Combined with our ergonomic and adjustable chairs, you’re sure to find an ideal position to work in.

Decoration and collaboration

We also often decorate the offices in light of coming events or holidays. In the days before Easter, everybody gets tons of chocolate eggs and the desks are perked up with green and yellow decorations. At Christmas, there’s a big Christmas tree with tons of gifts under it and when Belgium is in the soccer World Cup, the national colors dominate the office.Lastly, our employees can –in close collaboration with the infrastructure team– decide what to change if they don’t like something, or what to add to the office. Just recently, we’ve added an outdoor terraced area next to the lunch room with some benches. Now everybody can enjoy their lunch outside when the weather’s nice enough! 🌞😎

Takeaway for employee motivationTakeaway

As an employer, you control large components of the environment in which employees work each day. So why not see that as an opportunity to improve your employees’ lives and increase their motivation? Work environment is the second-most important factor for employee motivation, so no doubt your office should stimulate that and help foster motivation. At ACA, we do that through our modern office layout, thought-out ergonomics, the ability for our colleagues to relax and focus, and so much more.

Are you ready to work in a motivating environment? Then head over to our jobs website and check out our open vacancies. We’ll take care of the coffee! ☕

We’ve got three offices in Belgium: the main office in Hasselt and two smaller ones in Olen and Ghent. For the purpose of this blog post, we’ve limited the pictures and descriptions of the layout to the ones from our main office. However, most or all of the points we made are valid for all three offices. You can even try out a virtual tour of our Hasselt office!

Stijn is a copywriter and content marketer for ACA IT-Solutions and manages the blog website. He's interested in writing persuasive content, web content and graphic design and likes to challenge himself with new insights.