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March 2021


How office work helped me become a better freelancer

Melissa MauroMelissa Mauro

Over 50 million Americans are now choosing to go into freelancing, letting go of traditional careers and starting a freelance business that gives them more flexibility to create a lifestyle they love. This unprecedented shift is becoming very obvious in the way organizations around the world operate.

How office work helped me become a better freelancerHiring freelancers is becoming more acceptable around the world since it is also becoming more attractive and satisfactory for many business owners and organizations. This opens incredible opportunities for people with useful skills to start freelancing as a part time job and later grow that into a sustainable, self-owned business.

Apart from the benefits business owners gain from hiring freelancers, there is also an endless list of advantages to being a freelancer, like fewer taxes, working from the comfort of your home, calling your own hours, and so on.

Most business owners and developers need writers, designers, marketers, and content builders to help grow their company. And all these career paths you can find in the freelancing industry. But you might be working in an office right now and asking yourself how your present situation connects to being a freelancer. If you’re already considering freelancing, how can that possibly relate to you?

Well, here is a list of tips on how office work can help you become a better freelancer and also build a strong career for you.

Office work builds your skills

This is one of the most important reasons to go into freelance business while you’re still working or considering to stop your office work. You will definitely be getting a lot of experience very quickly. Working in an office will also help you in discovering your strengths and training your skills under your own supervision and at your own pace. 

How office work helped me become a better freelancerAs a freelancer, you will be required to use the skills picked up from the office, which might give you and edge over others with less experience. Of course, you are not under any obligation to take on overwhelming tasks at first, but eventually, these skills will come in handy as you start your freelance business. 

Office work can also help you deliver multiple high-quality and time-sensitive tasks as a freelancer; since you have experience with office tasks with time frames. Such skills are beneficial in the freelance world.

The importance of skills acquisition cannot be overemphasized. Even sports legends like Michael Jordan and businessmen like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates will confirm the direct relationship between skills and success. They became successful, not merely because of the time but because they cared deeply about improving their abilities. And learning from different experiences that built their skills and made them the best at what they do.

Freedom to create your own personal brand

How office work helped me become a better freelancerWhatever you do, especially if it is going to go public, no matter how many people see it or know about it, you are creating a brand for yourself. Deciding to start a freelance business and put your name to the work you do for any clients is one sure way to get your name out in the industry.

How do you want the world to see you? How you communicate and relate to your clients are essential factors in the face of your brand to others. You will discover that businesses are very careful with their brand and image to potential clients, which is something you learn working for an organization. You should apply the same carefulness in crafting and maintaining a positive image for your freelance business.

You’ll need to create branded project proposal templates, sample works, and pricing guides, then after this, you’ll need to go out and start pitching clients. It’s easier to learn and start creating all this while you have a steady income and are still working in an office.

Discovering your passions

How office work helped me become a better freelancerGoing into the freelance world and spending your free time getting a client and working on different projects at a time, you’ll learn very quickly what works for you and what you are passionate about. You might work in an office offering a different service, but in your free time you can freelance in a field you’re exploring. Maybe writing, coding or graphic designing? A freelance approach will open you up to new things, let you find out that you are really passionate about and how truly meaningful it is to you.

As you are into your freelance business, you’ll also get to know the types of industries and organizations you will enjoy working in the most, and the type of people you can work with best. Knowing what you enjoy working on and who you want to work with is crucial to setting yourself up for a successful career and life.

This will also help you understand the difference between being passionate about a task or a job and seeing it simply as a paycheck and the need to survive.

Learning discipline and transparant communication

To be a better freelancer, you need to have a strong dedication to deliver great results for your clients without being biased, regardless of the circumstances going on in your personal life. You should be professional in dealing with clients, both old and new. The good thing is that freelancing allows you the opportunity to take a break when you need it, so you don’t spoil your relationship with your client by failing to do what is necessary of you. 

How office work helped me become a better freelancerAs a freelancer, you shouldn’t give room for procrastination. Always endeavor to communicate with your client in case of any emergency or unforeseen circumstances. It is important that there is a high level of communication between you and your clients. In case of any emergency depriving you of getting jobs done at the speculated time, you should relate this to your clients as quickly as possible and arrange for a new time frame.

It’s easier to learn this when you have already worked in an office environment; that experience helps you to behave professionally and accordingly. It teaches you to put your clients’ needs first and the importance of discipline, which is useful for you as you strive to become a better freelancer.

Finally, there shouldn’t be any hindrance to make you a better freelancer, especially if you have experience working in an organization. You should always find a way to do your task in the best possible way. For those working with clients from different countries, getting to know what they want shouldn’t be too hard, especially with online translation services like The Word Point readily available to deliver great results and communicate effectively.

So, remember that working in an office can help you become a better freelancer because you:

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