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March 2021


Not motivated? 8 tips to regain productivity!

Gregory V. ChapmanGregory V. Chapman

The simplest and most obvious advice, in this case, is, of course, just to try to regain a sense of motivation, but it’s not so simple with human nature. Moreover, sometimes it’s normal to not feel motivated, especially during these times in which you have less contact with your friends, family and colleagues. However, it’s still necessary to continue moving most of the time. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of 8 tips that will help you not to lose productivity, even if you don’t feel motivated.

1. Find the reason why

The reason for not feeling motivated might not be easy to find, but it clearly exists. It can be any external event, and your reaction to it leads to a feeling of giving up. The easiest way to find this reason is to answer this question:

“What bothers me the most at the moment?”

If you’ve recently encountered failure, tell yourself that this is also an inevitable part of moving forward. Perhaps you’re having difficulties in your relationships – then you need to clearly identify the problem and discuss it. Maybe you’re experiencing financial problems – then you need a new financial strategy and financial diet for a while.

In other words, you need to work out the reason and find your comfortable reaction to the problem that bothers you and takes you away from moving on.

Not motivated? 8 tips to regain productivity!

2. Allow yourself to feel no motivation for some time

It is normal to lose a sense of motivation for a while. The best thing you can do after you understand the reason why is to allow yourself to be in this state for some time, whether that’s hours or days.

Moreover, it is very important not to start blaming yourself for doing nothing. On the contrary, you need to allow yourself a little break. Perhaps it’s all a matter of banal fatigue, and in this case, one or two days of a calm atmosphere and amoeba state will return your strength and motivation.

3. Incorporate one more healthy habit into your lifestyle

Sometimes a sense of extinct motivation is a sign that your physical strength is running out. The body begins to save energy in order to maintain health and gets rid of the additional burden in the form of a desire to work. In this case, you don’t need to torture your body further – just try to add one healthy habit to your lifestyle.

For example, you may not feel very well in the morning, because you did not have time to have breakfast, replacing a full-fledged breakfast with a cup of coffee. Or you sleep poorly at night because you don’t allow yourself the time to cope with daytime stress. Try to incorporate other, healthy habits to combat this, such as good planning and nutrition, sufficient rest and sleep and so on.

Not motivated? 8 tips to regain productivity!

4. Change your environment

The reason for not feeling motivated could also lie in a boring environment, or an environment that doesn’t contribute to a working mood. If you work in an office space that doesn’t allow you to focus, then it is not surprising that you do not feel the desire to do something.

Change your home atmosphere to office or coworking, or change the office atmosphere to home or coworking. If this is not possible, then update your workplace and make it more comfortable, or at least just clean up your desktop. Sometimes the reasons lie in the details.

5. Remove your distractions

It is difficult not to be distracted even when you have tons of motivation. Notifications, social networks, personal calls, chats, email, and others constantly want to bite off a piece of our working time and concentration. Try to reduce the effects of all these external stimuli.

Turn off notifications for social networks and applications, unsubscribe from a newsletter that you don’t read, ask your family and friends not to bother you during business hours if it’s not an emergency. Leave only those things that are directly related to work. For example, if you work with freelance writers with the Online Writers Rating review website, then keep it open – but close all the unnecessary tabs and apps. Also, a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones works wonders!

Not motivated? 8 tips to regain productivity!

6. Create an actionable to-do list and check it off

Sometimes the loss of motivation may be due to the fact that your goal is too ambitious. And no, you don’t need to give it up – you just need to create a more detailed plan. Here everything works as the best self-development coaches advise us – divide your goal into stages and stages into tasks.

As soon as a reasonable list of actionable tasks and deadlines appear before your eyes, it’ll create an incentive to move on. Systematization and clear vision can work wonders. While some tasks may be simple, their gradual implementation will reward you a sense of movement and motivation.

After every completed task, create a small pleasant ritual after each completed task. That can range from just having the satisfaction of crossing the item off the list to listening to your favorite song or petting the cat every time you complete a task.

7. Remember your goal and let it fill in all the space inside you

If the issue of not feeling motivated is in the energy field, then the best thing you can do is go back to basics. That is, to your main goal – and its small components. Remember the emotions and desires that guided you when you set this goal. Imagine that you have already implemented this. Let this feeling fill you from within. Feel the state of satisfaction and happiness that you are striving for. If it is difficult for you to do this mentally, draw your goal and and list the things you need to do to reach it.

Not motivated? 8 tips to regain productivity!

8. Find a source for energy and inspiration

Motivation doesn’t appear with the wave of a magic wand – the law of conservation of energy works always and everywhere. This means that you need to find a resource that will energize you and provoke a sense of motivation. And it can be anything – sports, needlework, art, literature, chatting with friends, a planned trip, shopping. Find what energizes you and do it!

Better yet, remember this action (like all the tips from this blog post) so that the next time you know exactly what you need to do when you feel not motivated. Bye-bye loss of productivity and hello quick regain of your sense of motivation!

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