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June 2021


Meeting module for Board of Directors simplifies workflow at Jessa Hospital


Board meetings involve a lot of administrative work. Board members need to fill out, exchange, and approve various documents, both before and after a meeting. At the Jessa Hospital in Hasselt, the Board’s secretary used to organize everything efficiently, but it took her quite some time. To simplify her complex and time-consuming task, Jessa Hospital and ACA IT-Solutions developed a meeting module for the Board of Directors. 

Easy and future-proof

The hospital’s request came with a number of requirements. Jessa Hospital did not just want a user-friendly system that simplified the entire workflow. It also wanted an open application that could easily be integrated with other, future applications. The Board members asked for a number of specific functionalities as well, such as full text search, secure web access, and the ability to publish a report right after a meeting.

Close collaboration

ACA developed the meeting module in close collaboration with Jessa Hospital. Jessa developers had substantial experience with Vaadin, used for the front-end, but not with Alfresco, a technology that has few secrets for ACA and that was used to build the workflow engine. Everything was developed iteratively, inspired by methodologies commonly used by ACA, such as Agile, Gamestorming, Test Driven Development, and Pair Programming.

Mobile application

ACA involved Jessa project managers and users throughout the process, and everything was thoroughly tested. At any time, Jessa Hospital could track the project’s progress. At the end, Jessa Hospital felt very pleased with “the collaboration, the honest communication, and the approach taken”. To further improve accessibility, ACA added a mobile application.

Document management

A meeting module such as Jessa’s could easily be integrated into a larger, fully-fledged document management system. ACA has built such systems for various organizations, with a custom interface to enhance the user experience and increase productivity. Please contact us for more information on our approach, without any obligation.

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