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January 2021


3 great marketing ideas for freelancers during the holiday season

Dorien JorissenDorien Jorissen

Holiday season

The holiday season… many people call it the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a period of great parties, too much food, presents and spending time with family and friends.

For freelancers, however, the holidays are also the perfect time to reach out to their clients. Even though many people are on vacation and you’re busy yourself, it’s a great period to do some marketing and lay the perfect foundations for the new year.

Wondering how you should start with freelance marketing during the holiday season? Here are some fun, but easy ideas!

1. Send out personal holiday cards

Sending holiday cards is the perfect way for freelancers to stay in touch with past and current clients! It’s important, however, to consider who you will send a card to, what kind of card you will use and which message you want to get across.

First of all, you should ask yourself why you are sending someone a holiday card. Did you love working with someone in the past and do you hope to work with them more in the future? Send them a card! Do you want to give your best wishes to contacts who you talk to on a regular basis or people who make your business work, such as accountants? Just do it! You shouldn’t write notes to just anyone, but the people who help your freelance business along deserve one.

Holiday cards

Next on the list is choosing the right type of card. In a world where people receive numerous emails per hour, we love being surprised by regular mail. Your contacts won’t look twice at an e-card, but they will remember you every time they see your paper card on their desk. The image that you choose for your holiday cards also plays a crucial role. Try to avoid religious or typical Christmas images if you can. Remember that not everyone celebrates Christmas, so show the holiday spirit with cards covered in snow or fireworks!

Last but not least, think about the message you want to send to your clients and contacts. A personal note, thanking them for a successful project in the past and expressing that you would love to work with them again in the year to come, will always work best. And don’t forget to wish them “Happy Holidays” either!

Just remember: a holiday card with a personal message is great marketing for freelancers during the holiday season. Your clients will find it very charming to receive a personal card by mail in these times of digital innovation! (big grin)

2. Play Santa Clause and give away presents

PresentsPeople love receiving gifts, especially during the holiday season, so handing out a present to your best clients and contacts never is a bad idea.

Pick something small but meaningful that your target audience uses on a daily basis and put your name on it. There are enough companies that personalize promotional gifts. Just take a look on the internet and you will find numerous partners!

Make sure that you choose a present that fits your target audience. If your contacts all work in IT, buy them something IT related, like USB sticks, powerbanks or speakers. If your clients all like coffee or snacks, send them personalized coffee cups, chocolates or (homemade) snacks.

When you keep all these things in mind, your clients and contacts will be reminded of you in the most positive way! (wink)

3. Spread your wings and network

Networking is a great marketing technique during the holidays!

For most companies, the holiday season is the perfect time to organize holiday parties at their office. So if you can get in as a freelancer, grab the chance! It’s a great opportunity to get to know your clients and project team members better on a more personal level and to build stronger relationships. If you’re lucky, you can even pick up some information about what the company is up to in the coming year.


Don’t worry if your clients don’t host any holiday parties. You can still build your network by attending local networking groups or by connecting with other freelancers. You never know whether sharing experiences and ideas with others may lead to new project opportunities! Even freshening up your website or portfolio and updating your social media accounts will already help you along. (smile)

Some extra tips to survive the holiday season

Using those 3 freelance marketing ideas will certainly give your freelance career a boost during the holiday season. Getting into touch with (past) clients and acquaintances is the perfect way to strengthen your network and look for new, interesting projects! However, there are some additional tips we can give you to survive the holiday season.

Great, now you’re all set for an amazing holiday season! Enjoy!