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March 2021


What is MADP & why does every company need one? (MADP Blog Series part 1)

Dorien JorissenDorien Jorissen

“If 75% of all enterprises will have at least 1 MADP by 2020 (Gartner), then it’s pretty important you know what it is and why you will be needing it. “

— Gartner Magic Quadrant Report

1. The MADP Blog Series to get you started

Do you have absolutely no idea what a MADP is? Need help figuring out what it could mean for your business? Or are you looking for advice on how to choose and implement one?

Well, that’s exactly why we’re here. Starting today, the ACA Mobile team will guide you through the entire concept of MADP in a blog series. Several experts in our company will each highlight a different perspective on the subject, giving you all the information you need to get started:

  1. What is MADP and why is it important? (Dorien Jorissen)
    This will be today’s blog!
  2. Creating mobile apps with MADP
    by Mobile Solution Expert & Team Lead Yakup Kalin
  3. The future of MADP and the importance for enterprises
    by Mobile Business Unit Manager & Business Developer Stijn Wijndaele
  4. Different types of MADP & how to choose
    by ACA Business Development Manager Thomas Rosseel 

Let’s roll on to blog number 1!

2. Mobile will define the future of your career & company

Whether you’re a developer, sales person, marketeer, manager, teacher or … , you just know that mobile will define and evolve the future of your job. It’s no secret that mobile is the main driver of the digital transformation and innovation of all enterprises.

Why enterprises need mobile

Companies don’t just need a digital strategy to survive, they need a digital transformation with a strong mobile focus. They must analyze and understand the true potential of enterprise mobility and find out how mobile can be integrated into their day-to-day business operations.

This is not an easy task. Enterprise Mobility Challenges are just around the corner in addition to the digital transformation. Most noteworthy is the fact that enterprise apps (business demand) will outstrip IT’s capacity to deliver. All of this probably seems like an endless stream of problems, but there are solutions and MADP is one of them.

MADP because of Enterprise Mobility Challenges

2.1 But how is MADP connected to this mobile revolution?

You are probably thinking right now: “Okay, mobile is important and I am facing multiple mobile enterprise challenges, but I still don’t know how it could possibly be connected to this MADP thing?”. Stay with me, almost getting there 😉

Since more and more companies are aware of the mobile potential, the demand for enterprise mobile apps is exploding. Mobile Solution providers continuously look for solutions to help companies with these mobile integrations and that is how MADP came into the picture. A MADP allows to offer a solution that enables organizations to easily integrate and streamline mobile solutions in their company. Another big plus is that companies can also enjoy other benefits such as:

So by now you know how MADP is connected to the digital transformation of enterprises and innovation.
The concept, however, will probably still sound a bit fuzzy to you at the moment.

Let’s move on and have a closer look at the history, definition and use.

3. So, what is MADP ?

3.1 What is it & who invented it?

Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) is a term coined by Gartner in 2012, replacing the terms MEAP & MCAP.  It first appeared in one of the famous Gartner Magic Quadrant Reports and is now yearly published as the MADP Magic Quadrant. The latest report (2016) can be bought here, but you can also view a summary here:

Mobile Application Development PLatform (MADP)

But what is a Mobile Application Development Platform exactly?

MADP is a platform (a suite of tools, services and technologies) that enables enterprises to easily design, develop, test, deploy and maintain mobile applications across multiple platforms, audiences, devices, … It will basically make mobile app development a whole lot easier, faster & less expensive.

3.2 MADP makes mobile development easier. Why is that exactly?

Mobile Software Development is not an easy task.

Mobile Software DevelopmentWhen developing mobile applications, you have to take a lot into consideration. There are so many different mobile devices, mobile platforms, audiences and networks. Without a Mobile Application Development Platform, you would have to develop multiple single apps to achieve compatibility with multiple platforms, devices, … It would be nearly impossible to develop and scale for all these unique situations.

This is where MADP comes in to save the day. By using a mobile app development platform, you would only have to maintain 1 code base to enable compatibility with other platforms, devices, …  now and in the future. The platform streamlines the mobile software development process, consequently making it a lot easier to comply with continuously changing situations (new devices, new platforms, … ).

And this is by far not the only awesome benefit…

4. Next blog coming up

But rather than explaining all the amazing benefits, I will skip this part and let my awesome expert colleagues guide you through the more technical & business related topics. I most of all wanted to explain the concept to you in basic human language.

I hope that has been achieved today, because the next blog will dive a little bit deeper in the technical elements and benefits of the platform. So stay tuned for our next blog by my colleague Yakup Kalin (Our Mobile Solution Expert): Creating Mobile Apps with MADP.


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