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April 2021


IT outsourcing: not as bad as it seems…

Dorien JorissenDorien Jorissen

IT MATCH is ready for its second blog! In this blogpost we will deal with a topic that is close to our heart, IT outsourcing! But what is IT outsourcing exactly and why would you choose it (and us as partner)?

What is IT outsourcing?

According to Gartner, “IT outsourcing (as a part of an outsourcing definition) is the use of external service providers to effectively deliver IT-enabled business process, application service and infrastructure solutions for business outcomes.” Webopedia has a similar definition for the concept: “IT outsourcing is a phrase used to describe the practice of seeking resources — or subcontracting — outside of an organizational structure for all or part of an IT (Information Technology) function”, eg. software development, infrastructure, maintenance and support.

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In general, many people are critical of IT outsourcing, because it is portrayed as a less positive concept in society. Everyone has their own opinion on IT outsourcing and some people consider it as body shopping, something that only occurs in the margin or a service produced by people abroad for almost no money.

However, that is not what IT MATCH stands for… We believe that IT outsourcing is a positive evolution in society that benefits both companies and freelancers. By establishing personal relationships with our customers and freelancers (aka IT Matchers), we strive to offer them both the best services possible. Companies will get the IT expertise and flexibility they need, whereas we offer freelancers interesting projects and advice about their freelance activities.


Is it really that bad?

IT outsourcing has its flaws, just like any other type of service.

The imperfections are described in the following paragraphs, but they are often also impossible to avoid when hiring permanent employees. Just because these flaws are associated with IT outsourcing, they are remembered better by most people.

Finding the perfect fit

Outsourcing IT processes or services certainly isn’t always cheap. Many companies are looking for medior or senior profiles with the necessary expertise in their field and they want to have a freelancer at their disposition as soon as possible. These profiles, however, aren’t easy to find and even the most skilled outsourcing experts have to exert themselves to the utmost. On the other hand, freelancers have to be available for new projects and they continuously need to improve their knowledge to remain an expert. So finding the perfect fit with the best qualities can indeed cost a little more, but will certainly bring you more profit and results in the end.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any cowboys in our sector… It’s only too bad that they are giving us a bad name. So you just need to be careful who you take on as an outsourcing partner: IT MATCH is always a good idea! (wink)

We all need to get acquainted

It’s also almost impossible to find the perfect match between a company and a freelancer, no matter how hard we try… However, this isn’t the case with permanent employees either. Getting to know each other perfectly before starting a collaboration is very exceptional. Freelancers need the time to get acquainted with the culture of their new employer, while companies need to get used to their new employee and his/her ideas. IT MATCH functions as a partner to create optimal working conditions for both of you!

The advantages of IT outsourcing!

But of course, IT outsourcing also has many advantages:

Reduce non-core business expenses

Outsourcing helps many companies reduce non-core business expenses, since it’s becoming increasingly difficult to cost-effectively run IT processes in-house. It’s not only expensive to start a recruiting process without the right technical knowledge about IT, but many companies also don’t have the financial resources for a full-time IT employee. For freelancers, IT outsourcing is a flexible way to earn money by working on projects that really interest them.

Customers can focus on their core business

By outsourcing IT services, companies can keep focus on their core business. By hiring a freelancer, they don’t need to deal with IT issues themselves anymore. This creates time for productivity and creativity within their own fields of expertise, whether it is finance, marketing, industry, banking, … The freelancers themselves can also focus on their main business and interest, namely IT. With their expertise they will enhance the quality of the IT services of the company and spread IT knowledge among the employees.

Freelancers provide new in-house IT knowledge

Freelancers will give companies access to the latest trends and technologies in the IT world. Technological innovations are a booming business and it’s getting rather hard for companies to keep up-to-date in-house. Contracting freelancers gives companies the opportunity to obtain more in-house IT knowledge, while the freelancer can gain new experiences and expertise through a new company.

Outsourcing partners focus on flexibility

One of the main advantages of IT outsourcing is flexibility, whether in time, money, projects, business needs, … Sometimes companies don’t need an expert in a certain software package full-time, but they just need someone to help them for a short period of time. Then they can hire a freelancer based on their needs, in other words at the moment when they need the IT knowledge. Freelancers, on their turn, can temporarily work on a project to spread their expertise, but they aren’t bound to the company.

These are all advantages that any outsourcing company can offer you. However, what makes IT MATCH special to both freelancers and companies is that we have access to the additional IT knowledge and solutions of ACA IT-Solutions. On the one hand, IT MATCH can have the immediate support of its sister company to solve the IT issues of its customers in case of emergency. On the other hand, freelancers have a whole team behind them to ask questions and they can increase their expertise by following courses or training from ACA IT-Solutions.


What IT MATCH brings to the table ?

IT MATCH wants to excel in the IT outsourcing business by offering companies and freelancers a personal approach. We try to get to know you as well as possible and afterwards we will start looking for a matching freelancer or project. We also support the projects that our freelancers are working on by following up on the collaboration between our customer and our freelancer. IT MATCH will become the partner that you need!


If you are curious about IT MATCH as an IT outsourcing partner, you can always contact us (Melissa or Tessa) for more information!

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Austin Smith
4 years ago

Well written! The benefits are nicely highlighted.
Thank you