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March 2021


IT MATCH: Outsourcing & HR with a personal touch

Melissa Le PianeMelissa Le Piane

Finally, our first IT MATCH blogpost has arrived! Who are we exactly? Well, we are IT MATCH, a business unit within the podular organization of ACA IT-Solutions. With this blogpost we want to give you a clear view of our team and the outsourcing and consultancy services that we can offer you!

IT MATCH and ACA IT-Solutions

The IT MATCH team

Our IT MATCH team consists of two strong women, who are responsible for about 30 independent freelancers. My name is Melissa Le Piane and I am the business development manager of IT MATCH, which means that
Blog 1 IT Match team I’m responsible for the business and sales aspect of our unit. It’s my task to talk to clients and prospects that are looking for an IT freelancer to work on their project and to find out what they need exactly.

My colleague Tessa Tuteleers deals with the recruitment component of our job, by calling and meeting up with promising IT freelancers and establishing the perfect match between a company/project and an IT specialist.

The IT MATCH services

One of our strong points is that we offer our outsourcing and consultancy services both to companies and individual IT freelancers.

For companies:

IT MATCH can lighten your burden by looking for a freelancer who perfectly fits your company and the project that you’re working on! Based on a profile screening with several internal tools, we can find out which freelancer in our team would be the best match for you. Besides the outsourcing aspect, we will also deal with the administrative paperwork, onboarding processes and the assessment of (y)our freelancer. So let us know, if you’re interested in our services!


Blog 1 IT Match services

For freelancers:

IT MATCH is able to look for interesting companies and projects which fit your expectations based on the information you gave us during an interview! After we have found the perfect job for you, we will take responsibility for the evaluation of your progress during the project and we’ll make sure that your overhead is limited to a minimum. We can also conduct an insights profiling of your personal work style, which will help you with taking the next step in your career.

Further, IT MATCH is able to offer advice and support for everything related to your freelance activity (legal, insurance…). It’s also possible to enhance your technical knowledge and expertise through our connection with ACA IT-Solutions, by following courses at their company and participating in their network events.


Why choose us?

IT MATCH happy freelancers and companiesAre you still wondering if and why we should work together? Well, even though outsourcing & consultancy is our core business, we are not interested in treating our freelancers and customers as numbers. We don’t just look through some résumés, have a job interview and send an IT specialist to a company. We want to make sure that we have a perfect match between a client and a freelancer!

We may be working in an IT world, but that doesn’t mean that we are dealing with computers. IT consultancy is a human business in which a personal approach still works best, so we want to invest in setting up long-term relationships with both our clients and freelancers. Last but not least, the quality of the technical and soft-skills screening of our freelancers and our advising role towards freelance IT specialists make us stand out. IT MATCH, quality consultancy with a personal touch!

Our future

In the near future, we will present you with our new IT MATCH website on which you will find everything you need to know about us and our services. In the meantime, you can always contact me (Melissa)! We’re also planning on posting some new blogs soon, but if you’re curious about a topic and you would like to have more information about it, you can always let us know! We will provide the answers to you personally or in a new blogpost! Through our website, blogposts and social media, we will also keep you updated on our IT MATCH events in the future!

We hope to hear from you soon!