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June 2020
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How about Weblogic 12c patching

Dorien JorissenDorien Jorissen

It took some time, but december 2011 Oracle released Weblogic 12c and finally Weblogic became fully JEE6 certified. became the version number of this release.

How about subsequent releases of Weblogic 12c after then? Here’s the answer.

On 15/mar/2012 the Oracle download site provided us other installation binaries. Since then (and up to now) the generic installer jar includes 11 patches. Unfortunately this seemed to be not an official release, as the version number remained

Since jul/2012, actual Weblogic patchsets were released as follows.

PSU Description Patch Download Patch Availability Document Smart Update Patch Id Bugs fixed in this PSU Release Date Patch Set Update (PSU) for WebLogic Server Patch 14736141 Note 1502461.1 ZFHT Note 1519594.1 15/jan/2013 Patch Set Update (PSU) for WebLogic Server Patch 14331523 Note 1477727.1 SELV Note 1496318.1 11/oct/2012 Patch Set Update (PSU) for WebLogic Server Patch 14142554 Note 1455387.1 N9JH Note 1466024.1 16/jul/2012

For your installation to be up-to-date, only the latest patchset (currently patchset 3) should be installed, as it contains all existing patches.

So was the first real PSU. This release contained the 11 patches supplemented by some more patches. Altogether, this PSU will be installed as 1 patch. Now, if you are running containing the 11 patches, and you want to update to PSU, you will need to remove all 11 patches and install 1 new patch. Smart update is your tool. It is included in your weblogic installation (unless you use the small zip-installer of weblogic).

What is next?, which will support OSGI-based applications. Release date: somewhere Q2/2013, so we are expecting…