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January 2019
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Hello brave new world


A big change

Today’s the first of October, exactly one month after I made my start at ACA IT-Solutions. Looking back on the experience, there’s only one quote that comes to mind and perfectly describes it: “The greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most.”

Starting a new job is always exciting, and sometimes frightening, especially when it makes you leave the trusty school environment you’ve known for years. It’s the one constant thing in life from the moment you enter preschool until you graduate from college. Even more so if you end up teaching for a year after you graduate. All of those fears and doubts vanished, however, during the first week of my employment at ACA.

Fun to-do list

As the new kid on the block, I was warmly welcomed by the entire COIN pod and introduced to my coach, Koen Olaerts. Not only did he do a fine job of introducing me to their team and way of working, but he also made an awesome onboarding webpage with a fun to-do list just for me.

During our trip to Porto, I had the opportunity to get to know my fellow colleagues better outside of the traditional work environment. Taking everything into account, we all had a blast during those 3 days and it was the ideal moment to integrate into the COIN team. But just like Icarus, I flew too close to the sun. Below you will find 2 accurate pictures of me during the weekend:

Tip: Never challenge Bart Vossen to a drinking game.

Little did they know I was actually working on something on the to-do list that my senpai, Koen, gave me:

“I already succeeded in making a name for myself and I even outdid Melina”:

All according to plan

The COIN team: indescribable

I would love to describe the atmosphere within COIN, but I don’t think that’s actually possible. Even if it is, the description would still fall short of the actual sensation. So instead of trying I’ll just simulate some scenarios which I found myself in.

When they offer you a coffee and you reply by saying that you don’t drink coffee (yet):

Sweet summer child

When Koen Olaerts is giving you an attitude training towards using a library’s methods and researching them thoroughly:


When you encounter an error and Koen Olaerts / Benji Mommen tells you the error(log) is staring you right in the face:


When Roque Fernandez / Thomas Metten shows you a cool shortcut or gives you a neat tip for using Terminal:


When you ask Benji Mommen a “small” question, but he ends up giving you a two-hour explanation:


When you realize you’re using Bart Vossen‘s quotes outside of the office #ZonderWrijvingGeenGlans:

Sudden clarity

When you mention you’re used to an azerty keyboard:


Moral of the story: If you’re looking for a new awesome company to join, choose

ACA IT-Solutions

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Stijn Schutyser

As fellow new guy (and non-coffee drinker) at ACA, I can definitely agree about what you said about the indescribable team spirit here! And yes, I also still struggle with the Qwerty keyboards… 😀