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August 2019
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My first weeks as a Business Developer at ACA

Thomas RosseelThomas Rosseel

A couple of weeks ago, my colleague, Dorien from Marketing, asked me: “Hi Thomas, how did you experience your first weeks as a Business Developer at ACA?”

Well Dorien, it’s my pleasure to share my first experience with you & all our readers.

Stepping out of your comfort zone

As from 02/01, I started a new challenge, totally out of my comfort zone. I made a big step: working in one of the fast-moving industries currently existing, namely the IT industry.

out of comfort zone at ACA

I’m writing this post in week 4 and I have to admit, these have been by far the most intensive weeks ever for my ‘brain’. Before I started, I thought: “Selling mobile apps: nice!” Today I’m still saying “nice”, but you won’t hear me speak about apps or selling anymore.

It’s not only about apps, it’s mainly about solutions and helping. A lot of people can make apps, the real difference is found in how you offer a solution. You have to address the right needs of a particular company, and more importantly your solution has to help employees every day and let them focus on the things they love, whilst illuminating the less productive tasks.

“It’s all about ‘first helping, then selling'”

We want to learn from you

Helping To anyone who is considering a job in the IT Industry, I can only encourage you. If you like a human approach, responsibility and processing an overload of information, go for it!

My first week, I was a bit surprised. When starting a new challenge, you might think: “I’m going to learn a lot.” And this is true, but my colleague Stijn Wijndaele (note that I don’t say boss, even though he is my manager) told me from the start: “Thomas, you are the sales expert, you are the owner of your own responsibilities. I’m going to assist you where needed, but at the end we also want to learn from you.” How cool is that?

The key to success?

At ACA, we have a wide range of services (mobile development, ECM, cloud services, java software, atlassian solutions, outsourcing & consultancy…). In the long run, I’ll be helping companies with all of them.

ACA Mobile Enterprise solutions However, I also believe that focus is the key to success. And this can be found in the DNA of ACA. The agile methodology used by ACA is all about focusing. So for the first few months, I’ll keep focusing on Mobile Solutions.

To conclude

So Dorien, as you can notice, my first weeks have been very intensive (in a positive way). I have the feeling that I’m learning a great deal, that my colleagues are able to share so much knowledge with me and that IT is one of the most interesting and fun industries.

I’ll be pleased to share my experience with you again in the future.

Wishing you all the best,



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