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February 2020
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First encounter with a Go Live

Koen OlaertsKoen Olaerts

Seeing the joy and satifsaction of our customers after releasing a project is an excellent motivator for project teams. At ACA we combine this motivation with our quality driven approach, a perfection foundation for successful projects, which results into satisfied customers. This magical mix is the virtuous circle of which we can be part of every day at ACA IT-Solutions!

Being part of the ACA Liferay team, I wanted to share a recent and perfect example of this virtuous circle with you.
My first encounter with our latest Go Live project…

myHR Project

My current position as an ACA consultant for the P&V Group hasn’t been the first time that I got the opportunity to work for them. In September 2013, P&V group contacted us after a less successful partnership with a competitor. The first minor project was to perform a health check on the existing environment. After exposing the weaknesses and providing an action plan to improve the environment, we were asked to develop myHR, our first Liferay project portal for the P&V Group.

MyHR (1)

The platform provides the HR department with a dynamic platform on which employees of P&V Group can find information about HR related topics. The platform also provides the ability to leave messages and create tickets for the HR department in the near future. These tickets are then subjected to an underlying SLA workflow to provide the employees with an answer as soon as possible. In December 2013, two days before Christmas, we released the project and our client’s HR team could start adding content to the portal.

If you follow us on Twitter, you may have noticed that the project has officialy gone live last week. P&V Group did not only notify their employees by mail, but they worked out a full-blown marketing campaign for their new HR intranet and that was exactly what I encountered last Monday morning.

ACA Go Live in full action

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 09.16.32

Last week, I entered the premises of P&V Group, unsuspecting of what was about to happen. With my badge in my hand and eyes still a bit drowsy, I was ready to clock in when I suddenly noticed a nice little myHR leaflet on the time recorder and posters on the walls of the office. I immediately recognized our ACA project and realized that P&V Group was officialy launching our application.

As some of you readers might know, it is not that common to come back in touch with an application after you handed it over to the customer, unless in the case of new requirements of course.

By the time I reached my desk and met my fellow developers, I was charged with joy: “Hey, this new product that is being advertised, I worked on it. My company created this project and now they are advertising this here to you guys, to us to use in our daily schedule.” Most of them must have been wondering what type of energy drink I had been consuming to be this excited…

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 18.32.11

The first thing I did was browsing towards the url of this new (but familiar to me) Portal to actually see it in production. Man, I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was everything we created but now with some real life content. You can imagine that seeing the results of some of my earlier work was not only a very rewarding experience for me, it also remembered me of all the good times our team had in the developing process.

This must have been how Dr. Frankenstein felt!


And the day wasn’t over yet

After all of this early excitement I started working, not really expecting any further suprises. A few hours later, after booting the development environment and picking up tasks from the sprint backlog, we were interrupted by a promo team. They were promoting the new HR application while handing out little myHR gifts to each and every one of the employees.

So now, each morning, I am drinking a nice cup of coffee while being reminded of the good times during development and the excitation of the go-live encounter. Which couldn’t be more of a daily motivation to me!

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 18.53.43

I couldn’t believe that the project we worked on was this important to our customer. All these signs felt so rewarding towards  the  entire Liferay factory team and I interpreted them as a sign of respect for the work we delivered.

Want to learn more ?

Do you want to learn more about our enterprise portal solutions? Take a look at our website.

If you are interested in the MYHR project, you can always join us at the Liferay Portal Solutions Forum in Amsterdam on the 20th of May. Jean-Luc Goedermans of P&V Group will give a talk on their strategy and how Liferay will be their core platform for future developments.