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June 2020
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Custom-made document management systems


If you are still working with paper documents in your organization, you know the problems that come with it. Especially if an organization operates from multiple locations, documents may be hard to find. It is not always easy to determine whether a folder with paper documents is complete, and paper needs physical storage space. The solution to all these problems is digital.

Going paperless

ACA-IT Solutions has developed digital solutions for several customers. Paper documents are scanned and then automatically stored in a Document Management System (DMS). Any authorized employee can access the documents thereafter through a user-friendly interface. ACA-IT collaborates with suppliers of document scanning services to build its solutions. It connects the scanner to the document management system and develops the user interface.

Reliable storage

Metadata is added to the documents during scanning, so that they can be stored automatically in the appropriate directory structure. Because the structure is important, ACA-IT always has an information architect on its team. In close consultation with the customer, the information architect sets up the appropriate directory. If a particular document does not fit into the predefined structure, the system will automatically create a new folder. A major advantage is that the system can automatically identify incomplete folders. For example, certain documents may need a copy of an identity card or certificate attached to it. The system can verify automatically if this is the case. This improves the reliability of your archive enormously.

User-friendly interface

ACA-IT builds its document management systems with Alfresco. Although it is possible to work with Alfresco Share’s standard interface, we recommend an interface tailored to your needs and with all unnecessary functionality removed. This will greatly enhance the user experience and your productivity. Since the entire process of scanning and archiving does no require any manual work, everything goes very quickly and the chances of an error are reduced to a minimum.

From analysis to launch 

ACA-IT Solutions is the one stop shop for your custom-made document system. We have extensive experience with every aspect: from analysis and information architecture to development and scanning. Please contact us without any obligation to discuss your needs.

In a nutshell


Custom-made document management system with user-friendly interface to improve the retrieval and storage of documents

Major benefits

No more manual work

Increased reliability and efficiency 

Cost reduction (no more physical storage space needed)



Angular JS (front-end )

Alfresco Share (back-end )


ACA-IT team members

Information architect

Process analyst