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August 2020
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Charity T-shirt action for Solid – by ACA!

Dorien JorissenDorien Jorissen

We love to make a difference in the world: not just in our business, but in many other aspects as well. At ACA IT-Solutions, we strive to make the world a happier, safer and healthier place for everyone. We do this by being eco-friendly, supporting charity and starting initiatives ourselves.

Initiatives by ACA and its employees

Sometimes ACA, as a company, organizes charity actions or donates money to organizations that need it. Other times, individual colleagues come up with new initiatives to support charity. Some of our employees participate to the Dodentocht or go mountain biking for Duchenne Heroes, for example.Devoxx T-shirts - colleague

We usually commit to charities that mean something to us or our employees. Everyone within our company can suggest a charity organization that they think we should support.

Our latest initiative was a T-shirt action for Solid, suggested by Jelle Van der Linden, one of our colleagues.

Solid: charity for the South


Solid is an organization that supports impoverished people that live in 3 different continents and are neglected by their own country. They help these people, who are mostly from the South, take matters into their own hands. The goal is to let them support themselves over time. Solid teaches different target groups about agriculture or crafts and guides them in managing their accountancy and gaining commercial insights.

In Peru and Kenia, for example, Solid supports organizations for teenage mothers and non-educated women. By teaching them a craft, such as knitting or making baskets, they give them a new future.

How ACA offers support

Each year, ACA IT-Solutions is present at Devoxx, an event from developers for developers. For this event, our designers create unique, IT-minded T-shirts with funny captions. Just take a look at this year’s amazing shirts!

Devoxx T-shirts Solid

This edition, we decided to sell our Devoxx T-shirts and donate the money to charity. One of our colleagues suggested Solid as a good cause and we quickly agreed. As a way of showing our initiative, we printed the Solid logo on the sleeve of the shirts.

We hope our contribution helped Solid along with supporting people in the South!

PS: We collaborate with universities and colleges in Belgium on a regular basis. That’s why we decided to also sponsor some of the Devoxx shirts for a project at UCLL. The prove is in the picture below! 😉

Shirts UCLL