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Software development

Our Collectiv business unit (part of the ACA family)stands for stunning software solutions in Java, customized to your needs. Reusable building blocks, flexible teams and customer collaboration make it possible! Let our experts guide you 
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Interfacing in AngularJS

At ACA IT-Solutions we have been creating modular applications for some years using OSGi. Every project gives us the opportunity to reflect and improve our modular designs. One of our latest improvements is the introduction of an API at a higher level, for an entire sub-domain or bounded context. Other bounded contexts may only use this [...]

Robin Van PraetRobin Van Praet

Infinite Possibilities

November might be a drab and dark month in Belgium, but for me as a Java developer it is THE time of the year because it is the month in which Devoxx is organised. Devoxx is 5 days jam-packed with knowledge that helps a developer like me keep up to date with the current state of the Java universe, but also with what the future will [...]

Jan EerdekensJan Eerdekens

Code cooking like a chef

I know, most people are “fed up” with cooking shows, but I just love them! It’s not that I use them to learn how to cook or something, but they just remind me a lot of the job I’m doing each day. It is the closest I get to explaining to my wife what the essence is of what I do. She actually still doesn’t get [...]

Jo VrevenJo Vreven