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The ACA weekend 2016

On Friday, June 3th 2016, the ACA employees started arriving early at the Hasselt headquarters for our yearly ACA team weekend. All were ready for a weekend full of fun and awesome teambuilding activities. After having received several clues about the location in the previous weeks (all of which were extremely difficult to decipher), we [...]

Sarah MazzeiSarah Mazzei

ACA Team Movie 2015 – Part 2

Time for the second movie in our ACA Team Movie blog series! In our last blog we covered how our team was faced with an ACA movie challenge on the yearly ACA Team Weekend. The entire team was split up into separate groups with the challenge to create an advertorial or recruiting movie about ACA. Every team had the company of a [...]

Dorien JorissenDorien Jorissen

ACA Team Movie 2015 – Part 1

ACA Team Movie: What if ACA was a café? What if our IT company was a café? Quite the statement for a team video, right? Allow me to set the scene for a minute… This video is the first of 7 awesome videos made by the ACA team on our annual ACA Team Weekend. Every year, the entire ACA team travels to a unique location and spends an [...]

Dorien JorissenDorien Jorissen

The best company I worked for…

In my almost 20 years (getting old!) of professional life I have worked at and for quite some companies. I’ve come to realise there is no such thing as an ideal company. There is never a 100% fit; except maybe a company you created yourself. The happiness-factor For me, the happiness-factor is composed of 4 dimensions: company culture [...]

Pieter VDPieter VD