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Collectiv is part of the ACA IT-Solution’s family and delivers
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What is a good team?

Team dress-code 🙂 A couple of weeks ago, most members of the ET team showed up in a suit and tie. In this company that’s exceptional, because the common dress-code is casual. But not that day: they made a promise to themselves to dress up, in case the sprint would be successful. Which it was. (In fact, it was kind of a bet with the [...]

Pieter VDPieter VD

Why we draw our customers

Customer Drawings For years I have been thinking of combining the best of my two professions as an analist and artist. Analytical in finding creative solutions in a realistic world on the other hand and a crafter in an imaginary world where there are no limits on the other hand. Learn to capture the essence I was inspired during a [...]

Mark KromskiMark Kromski