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Our Collectiv business unit (part of the ACA family) specializes in Agile Coaching. Keeping your teams agile is not a one-man job. That’s why Collectiv provides an analysis of your organization in combination with Agile coaching and training for you and your team. 
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Tired of the same boring retrospectives?

Something artistic maybe?  Time to shake up our retrospectives In Agile project management, it’s really important to reflect on what could be improved. Continuous evaluation needs to be driven from within the team. During retrospectives everyone can give their remarks and suggest improvements. All input is considered valuable. [...]

Kevin MaesKevin Maes

The peril of experience Assumption

Imagine…you’ve been driving to a certain place A place you have been driving to every day for the last 5 years, taking the same route, passing the same abandoned street, where you’ve never seen another car. Gradually you start feeling familiar with this route and you assume that as always you will be the only car on [...]

Dorien JorissenDorien Jorissen

Why we draw our customers

Customer Drawings For years I have been thinking of combining the best of my two professions as an analist and artist. Analytical in finding creative solutions in a realistic world on the other hand and a crafter in an imaginary world where there are no limits on the other hand. Learn to capture the essence I was inspired during a [...]

Mark KromskiMark Kromski

Agile Mutants at ACA IT-Solutions

A month ago ACA IT-Solutions celebrated 12.5 years being an agile cooperation. For this reason we’ve hosted an event, our theme: “The power of flexible innovation”. Inspired by this theme, three talks were performed by own personnel: Stijn Van den Enden on “Build Apps like Lego”, Christopher Verhulst on [...]

Kitty IdingKitty Iding