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January 2021


Bonusly, putting small achievements into the spotlight

Dorien JorissenDorien Jorissen

At ACA IT-Solutions, appreciation is a key value! That’s why we’re always looking for new ways to give our colleagues a pat on the back. Thanks to one of our clients we discovered Bonusly, a peer-to-peer reward system that seemed perfect for us.

An alternative for our kudos

Until a couple of months ago, ACA employees got 2 kudos a year to thank colleagues for a job well done. “Kudos were like presents, but for many team members it was really difficult to decide which 2 colleagues would earn them,” Yentl Meulemans, our Recruitment & HR Specialist, explains. “How do you choose 2 people, if you have so many wonderful colleagues? In the end, kudos were only given for great performances, while we also wanted to support the small efforts.”

Bonusly appBonusly is a great solution to this problem! It gives us the chance to show appreciation for both the small and large achievements of our colleagues. “Each month our employees get a fixed amount of points to hand out to others. These points expire at the end of the month, if they aren’t used. So saving them isn’t possible anymore as with our previous kudos system.”

This is one of the most important advantages of Bonusly, according to Joren. “You don’t have to wait anymore for ‘a special occasion’, but you can also show appreciation for smaller things. By giving more or less points, you indicate how much you appreciate someone or something.”


Appreciating colleagues: anytime, anyplace

Bonusly exampleBonusly points are given through an internal ACA chatroom and the Bonusly app itself. This means that we can acknowledge each other anytime and anyplace. “If someone treats their colleagues to an awesome Greek-Italian lunch for their birthday, others can give Bonusly points for this without delay,” Yentl continues. “And even better, other people can add to this first bonus!”

Awarding several colleagues at the same time has also become a possibility. “With Bonusly we can reward efforts of the whole team, while we could only show gratitude to 2 team members in the past. We wouldn’t have given a kudos for something small like a great brainstorm session,” Koen explains.


Bonusly, always around

ACA wants to stimulate employees to thank each other for everything that comes to mind, whether it’s part of their job description or not. “We want to put small achievements into the spotlight too and show them to the entire organization. Things like clearing out the dishwasher, organizing a brownbag or participating in the ‘Dodentocht’,” Yentl says. Bonusly messages also appear on screens in our offices, so everyone can follow the accomplishments.

Bonusly on screen

When you walk around the office, you can actually hear colleagues talk about Bonusly. “It’s great that Bonusly messages appear on the screens, because they’re really nice to read. It also creates positive vibes at the office,” Mark tells us. Niels, in turn, becomes very happy from all those Bonusly messages: “The messages that people send to colleagues are often so much funnier than kudos. Kudos were always so serious…”


Fun with hashtags & presents

One of the rules is that every Bonusly has to be accompanied by a hashtag. We decided to translate the ACA company values into these tags.

Bonusly hashtags“Do you know what our most used hashtag is? There’s no doubt about it: #teamspirit gets the first place! We are very proud of this, because we want our colleagues to be part of a great and enthusiastic team,” Yentl laughs.

When employees have earned enough points, they can also choose a present from the gift shop. “We have all kinds of presents, from ACA gadgets or extra Bonusly points to hand out to colleagues, to Kinepolis & CoolBlue vouchers and even lunch with our CEO!”


A positive vibe in the workplace

As you can see, Bonusly has many advantages. Most importantly, it creates a better work environment, with happier colleagues and a positive vibe at the office. Peter Mesotten remarked an immediate change after we started using our new appreciation system: “People receiving Bonusly points are happier. It really contributes to a better atmosphere within the teams.”

Every day someone gets Bonusly points for a job well done, which motivates people to do their best. “The Bonusly system is very encouraging for our employees, because they feel appreciated for all kinds of efforts,” Yentl finishes her story. “And last but not least, Bonusly gives our HR team the chance to get a better understanding of which ACA values are most present in our company!”

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