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Yakup Kalin

Yakup Kalin


As a Mobile Solution Engineer at ACA IT-Solutions, Yakup is involved in agile mobile development, where he delivers creative input for realizing usable and likeable mobile applications. With a huge interest in mobile technology, Yakup develops Native, Hybrid and Responsive Web Apps.

5 popular myths in mobile app development

Mobile apps don’t need any introduction. They are here to help us communicate, buy things, do financial transactions and even keep little toddlers quiet. When we look at the number of apps available in leading app stores (as of 1st quarter 2018), we can see that there are nearly 3.8 million apps available in the Google Play store and 2 [...]

Yakup KalinYakup Kalin

Fuckups in Mobile Development – Part 2

In the first part of our blog series, we focused on the true value of an Agile Development Approach (read all about it here). In this part we will highlight 3 other commonly made fuckups in the development process and we will show you how you can avoid these. Making big wins with minimal efforts Photo App Do you know the feeling of [...]

Yakup KalinYakup Kalin