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Jelle Van der Linden

Jelle Van der Linden

ECM with a vision

Documents, content and information travel throughout a company. In the ideal world, these data are structured, searchable and above all managed properly. In real life, more than 80% of these data are unstructured, untraceable, or locked away in someone’s mailbox or private desktop folder. Corporate documents are often shared with people [...]

Jelle Van der LindenJelle Van der Linden

The peril of experience Assumption

Imagine…you’ve been driving to a certain place A place you have been driving to every day for the last 5 years, taking the same route, passing the same abandoned street, where you’ve never seen another car. Gradually you start feeling familiar with this route and you assume that as always you will be the only car on [...]

Jelle Van der LindenJelle Van der Linden