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Welcome to the team blog of ACA IT-Solutions!

ACA IT-Solutions is a strong team with one mission: we want to be the greatest IT provider by being fanatic about maximizing customer value.

Our mission is why we are known in the market for honest and high-quality consultancy, implementation and integration of custom software solutions. We work relentlessly to achieve the highest customer value with software that is built on future-proof technology. We don’t hesitate to break new ground for innovation.

In 2015, ACA IT-Solutions has become a podular organization. Within this structure, business units (aka pods) function as autonomous companies within a coherent organization (ACA IT-Solutions). Each pod is a stand-alone unit that can operate independent of other units, yet remains connected to the whole by pursuing the same goal.

The pods of ACA IT-Solutions

Amplifly: Tracking & Collaboration Tools
COIN: Content & Information Solutions
OpsKlaar: Cloud Servers & Services
Collectiv: Java Software Solutions & Consultancy
IT MATCH: Outsourcing & Selection
Mobile: Mobile Enterprise Solutions