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February 2021


ACA Team Movie 2015 – Part 2

Dorien JorissenDorien Jorissen

Time for the second movie in our ACA Team Movie blog series!

In our last blog we covered how our team was faced with an ACA movie challenge on the yearly ACA Team Weekend. The entire team was split up into separate groups with the challenge to create an advertorial or recruiting movie about ACA. Every team had the company of a professional video crew, but had to come up with the entire concept & finish the filming in only a few hours of time.

The importance of ACA’s core values for customers

In this blog we will feature the second ACA team movie: “What if ACA didn’t exist?”

Shutterstock 2 screenshotA playful interpretation of a world where a company like ACA IT-Solutions doesn’t exist to communicate and work with customers on projects. The visualization of the importance of ACA’s core values and methods in any customer project.
What would happen to a customer and a customer project, when a company works without values such as: transparency, flexibility, courage, respect, excellence, team-driven and the maximalisation of customer value? What if a company like ACA didn’t exist… ?

Movie Time: What if a company like ACA did not exist?

Bert De Wolf Davy Snyckers Gerbert Vandenberghe Wouter Bancken Jo Vreven Kathleen Van Assche Kris Dewachter Mark Kromski Nathalie De Martin Tom Moors

“What if ACA didn’t exist?” – Starring ACA Team
Bert De Wolf, Dave Snyckers, Gerbert Vandenberghe, Wouter Bancken, Jo Vreven, Kathleen Van Assche, Kris Dewachter, Mark Kromski, Nathalie De Martin, Tom Moors.

What’s next?

We still got 5 more awesome team movies in store, so stay tuned for more … or have a look at the movie we published in week 1

Blog written by Dorien Jorissen

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