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January 2020
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The ACA team and its corporate culture

Dorien JorissenDorien Jorissen

A passionate team with its own values

As a new member of the ACA team, it’s not that difficult to discover the company’s corporate culture. Last week I started as a copywriter for ACA and because of the welcoming colleagues, good guidance and interesting assignments time has flown by. During my research for the job interviews, the website already gave me a clear image of what the corporate culture is like. Also their social media accounts emit a passionate and informal feeling and show you the true ACA mentality. This is a blogpost about my impressions of the company and the values they stand for.

It soon became clear to me that ACA IT-Solutions goes to great lengths to provide the best IT services and solutions for its clients. In order to reach the goal of becoming the best IT provider in the area, their highly motivated and responsible team keeps in line with ACA’s core values and corporate identity. Therefore, I will present you with the main values they stand for, such as

These guidelines ensure them to reach the best end result for their clients and themselves.

A corporate culture of excellence and expertise

ACA’s main focus is that customers get the excellence they deserve! Whether they employ ACA for its services or for its products and solutions, the company clearly stands for high quality, making their work environment easier to manage and adding value to their organisation. In order to do this ACA makes use of the different kinds of knowledge and expertise that are present within its company. Not only does a client receive the know-how of the business unit (or Pod: a podular company as Dave Gray describes it in his book The Connected Company) that they are dealing with directly, but if the need arises this Pod can also fall back on the expertise of the other units. You can often see the interactions between the various teams on the workplace.

Flexibility and customer service

DSC_1860At ACA employees work in a flexible and agile environment where innovation is reached by gaining new insights through courses and workshops. The company’s corporate culture of constantly improving itself enables the staff to learn new techniques. In this manner they can enhance the products and services they deliver to customers. Employees are often busy with some kind of extra education next to their daily job. Sometimes team members even organize internal expert meetings on their own initiative to share their personal expertise with colleagues. This way ACA is able to aspire the highest level possible in the best way.

shutterstock_362519225As you can see, their corporate culture is related to maximizing customer value and being able to deliver valuable solutions to their clients. To get the best results the teams listen to the needs and requirements of their customers and give them regular updates about the progress of their project. The business units (Pods) also ask clients for feedback during the development process, so they can be as flexible as possible and make immediate changes if necessary. With open, transparant and informal communication ACA gives them insight into the different stages of the project.

Teamwork and fun at ACA

When becoming a member of the ACA team, it’s important to keep in mind that one of their most important values is teamwork, both in the sense of working together with other people and helping colleagues in need. Within a business unit (Pod), it’s only logical that people work closely together, but it’s also possible to exchange knowledge, resources and colleagues among the different Pods. In case of emergency, an employee from another unit may be able to offer the perfect solution from his or her expertise.Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 15.28.31However, the ACA team doesn’t only work hard, they also play hard! To improve the work atmosphere and relationships among the employees, they organize many fun activities, such as team events, parties and the famous ACA weekend. Everyone also warmly welcomes new team members by engaging them in conversations and answering their questions without hesitation. In the end, a team which gets along well will also work better together.

Respect and courage within the company

Respect for colleagues, customers and friends seems like a logical next step with this corporate culture. ACA team members treat each other with respect, even if they don’t always agree, and they keep their promises to co-workers and clients. It’s important to them that customers can depend on the company and that colleagues are respected by making use of transparant communication and feedback, which is a crucial part of any respectful relationship. 

The final main value at ACA is courage! On the one hand, they have the bravery to step outside of their comfort zone and to discover new techniques and products. On the other hand, also the courage to challenge the convictions which are ingrained in them, is present. Everything to improve themselves and the IT solutions that they provide!

In all, ACA’s corporate culture and its core values contribute to the continuous improvement of its employees and therefore also to the high standards of the company itself. And the better ACA is at its job, the better solutions they can offer their clients! I couldn’t have wished for a better company to start my professional career!