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April 2020
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3 signs you need to come work for ACA IT-Solutions

Dorien JorissenDorien Jorissen

In this blog post, we will talk about 3 clear signs that you need to come work for us:

  1. Your ideas hit a brick wall. You want to innovate and improve your work, but you’re often kept in check by rigid rules and strict management.
  2. You want to work in an open work space and a transparent culture with attention for fun and each other.
  3. You want to provide real and qualitative software solutions.

1. Your ideas hit a brick wall

Hit a brick wall When you have the most amazing idea to improve your work, when you want to try out a brand new shiny product, when you want to innovate, … it’s nice if someone really listens to you. Oh, that warm and fuzzy feeling, that shared excitement… ! Sadly though, you won’t get this feeling often in most organizations.

Shipt-It DayAt ACA IT-Solutions, however, we make it part of our job to always provide a listening ear. Everyone has a team coach who does the on-the-job coaching. They will happily listen to your ideas, remarks, suggestions and experiments. Often they even provide the time, budget and material to experiment with your awesome idea! We do this because we believe in bottom-up innovation. Since our employees are the ones closest to the subject matter, we stimulate them to experiment with new ideas and innovate in their line of work. Our first Ship-it Day is a great example of this belief! 

All ACA colleagues also get the opportunity to follow a lot of trainings, seminars, workshops and more. As soon as your coach agrees with your motivation, HR registers you for your activity and provides you with accommodation and travel tickets. We don’t have fixed budgets for training, it’s all based on your role within ACA and where your interests lie. Why? Well, we really want to be customer-centric, as innovative as possible and deliver high-quality software. So we try to achieve this by giving our extraordinary team members the opportunity to try out new stuff, always keep learning and growing, play and experiment.

2. You want to work in an open work space and culture

Open space - work for usYou spend a lot of your waking hours at the office, so it’s important to work in an atmosphere where you feel good and comfortable. All of our offices (Hasselt, Olen and Ghent) are open spaces and contain a lot of glass. The spaces feel modern and let through a lot of natural light. Moreover, everyone’s desk is in the same space without barriers in between them. This way, there’s always a colleague in plain sight to ask or tell something!

Speaking of colleagues, they play an important part in creating good vibes at work. At ACA, we really care about team spirit, fun and an open, transparent culture. We want people to come work for us with pleasure on a daily basis. So how do we achieve that kind of culture? Here are a few examples…

3. You want to provide the best software solutions

ACA wants to be the best! (Don’t believe us? The slogan on our homepage speaks for itself!) We want to provide the best solutions for our clients and aren’t afraid to go the extra mile. Our passion for quality is one of the things that makes us unique. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to guarantee our high-quality software solutions:


So… does all of the above sound like music to your ears? Do you want to be part of an awesome family? We’re thrilled you might want to work for us. You can check out our vacancies here or find more about us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Give us a sign, we’re already preparing your coffee! 😉