ECM with a vision

Written by Jelle Van der Linden

Documents, content and information travel throughout a company. In the ideal world, these data are structured, searchable and above all managed properly. In real life, more than 80% of these data are unstructured, untraceable, or locked away in someone’s mailbox or private desktop folder. Corporate documents are often shared with people outside your company through employees’ private dropboxes...

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Interfacing in AngularJS

Written by Robin Van Praet

At ACA IT-Solutions we have been creating modular applications for some years using OSGi . Every project gives us the opportunity to reflect and improve our modular designs.  One of our latest improvements is the introduction of an API at a higher level, for an entire sub-domain or bounded context. Other bounded contexts may only use this API to interact with it. For Java code,...

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6 CMS products, 6 developers : 1 CMS Smackdown

Written by Jelle Van der Linden

If you are looking for a Content Management System (CMS) and you don't know where to start... don't worry. We have already done the heavy lifting for you.   When we decided to create a brand new site for the launch of our revamped business unit, COIN ( C ontent and I nformation Solutions ), we started with an Information Architecture Study. Why? Because we value...

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Liferay - The Missing Parts: web content article priority

Written by Jan Eerdekens

When working with the web content management part of Liferay you quickly start using the Asset Publisher because of its versatility. This portlet enables you to gather and present different kinds of content in a multitude of ways. It can gather content in a dynamic way, by means of a search in a certain scope, on one or more asset type, filtering on tags/categories, or manually, where you...

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ACA Team Movie 2015 - Part 2

Written by Dorien Jorissen

Time for the second movie in our ACA Team Movie  blog series  !  In our last blog we covered how our team was faced with an ACA movie challenge on the yearly ACA Team Weekend.  T he entire team was split up into separate groups with the challenge to create an advertorial or recruiting movie about ACA. Every team had the company of a professional video crew, but...

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