SimpleEdit – Making editing files Simple since 2014

Written by Mano Swerts

Have you ever cursed at the Online Edit functionality in Alfresco, because it couldn't save your file due to the loss of internet connectivity? Have you ever wondered why you couldn't have a simple way to edit non Microsoft Office documents like images, PDF files, LibreOffice documents, etc.?   Well, now you can!    Introducing SimpleEdit SimpleEdit allows...

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Fuckups in Mobile Development - Part 2

Written by Bart Fransen

In the first part of our blog series , we focused on the true value of an Agile Development Approach (read all about it here ).  In this part we will highlight 3 other commonly made fuckups in the development process and we will show you how you can avoid these.    Making big wins with minimal efforts  Photo App   Do you know the...

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Infinite Possibilities

Written by Jan Eerdekens

November might be a drab and dark month in Belgium, but for me as a Java developer it is THE time of the year because it is the month in which Devoxx is organised. Devoxx is 5 days jam-packed with knowledge that helps a developer like me keep up to date with the current state of the Java universe, but also with what the future will bring. One of the things that makes Devoxx special is that...

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Angular Adventures in Liferay Land

Written by Jan Eerdekens

Intro A lot of developers will probably know this feeling: you've just returned from a conference and seen lots of exciting new technologies and now you can't wait to try them out! For me one such moment and technology was Devoxx 2013 and seeing an AngularJS talk by Igor Minar and Misko Hevery . The speed and ease of development appealed very much to me, but I was a bit hesitant because of...

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Should it be so hard to start a new job?

Written by Rowin Heymans

It’s never easy to start a new job, is it? This is a question I got a couple of times over the past few weeks. People seem to think that starting a new job is always something of a hassle. The question is, should it be? Allow me to introduce myself My name is Rowin Heymans, I’m 30 years old, married and father of an amazing little toddler called Juliette. I finished my...

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